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If you are searching for a way to improve your business KEEN SQUAD is your answer.

Experts at your service are experienced professionals with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge developed and tested through years of doing business.
We helped dozens of projects, yours may be next.

Our skills allow us to operate at every stage of an enterprise – we develop business ideas from scratch, we help existing businesses to expand, and we improve competitiveness and market position. From our point of view no business is too small or too big to provide an interesting challenge to our creativity.

The scope of our activity covers market research, a full range of consulting services, arranging business relations, and training– all the elements a company needs to build or improve its position on the market. With experts covering all vital business areas, KEEN SQUAD can deliver tailor-made solutions adjusted to your needs and expectations.

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How to start a business? With money? With an idea? The answer is: with people. Preparing a business model including creation of a brand, introducing it to the market, building a distribution network, and keeping all the details together requires experience. We know it - we have been there. Now we are here for you.

We can draft a coherent business plan from a single idea. Profit and loss examination, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, marketing proposals, finding potential business partners, methods of reaching your client- we have the tools to do it right. If you have an idea, we can help you make the most of it.

Even the biggest entities should stay focused on improving their market position. Knowing where to concentrate your resources is not always obvious. Our experience in identifying key determinants of competitiveness and finding methods of exploiting them enables us to present sound action proposals. To do this we use our own model of improving market position: 3COMP ( Complex Competitiveness Composition).

A deep analysis of competitors, the current market situation and clients’ opinions conducted by an experienced advisor always helps doing business. We can evaluate external threats and opportunities for you but we can also look inside the structure of your company to point out actual and potential weak links.

The team of KEEN SQUAD experts varies depending on the particular needs of given projects. We keep business contacts among professionals covering almost any area you may require. The core however consists of strategy- marketing- finance- and sales oriented specialists.

The portfolio of projects is constantly growing. We handpicked a selection showing our universal skills and vast area of competence.

Complex brand creation and implementation
Development of business ideas

Improvement of competitiveness

Strategic analysis of the entity and its surrounding

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